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Frequently Asked Questions

So many questions and so little time. We have rounded up the most common questions, and added simple to follow instructions for you to use. We know that people, sometimes, just want to be left in peace, to solve a solution on their own, so here are all the rapid fixes to your questions. If you don't find what you need here, just head to the Contact Us page for some personal service with a smile.

Courier & Freight

Can I track my order?

Yes! As soon as the order is processed, you will be given a tracking number which you can use to monitor the status of the delivery. Click here to track the goods, and just enter the tracking number given to you.

How do I check specific freight charges?

Easy, freight charges will be calculated in the Shopping Cart Once you have finished shopping for the day, just head to the Shopping Cart and select your delivery method. Your local freight charges will be calculated before you proceed to the payment screen.

How do I exchange/return my order?

Simple, just click HERE and we will run you through the whole process. Any order can be returned within 100days, if you have all of the original packaging. Your receipt/invoice is available in your order history also. (You can also review the Full Terms & Conditions here.)

Trade Discounts

Do you have options for trade discounts?

We certainly do. There are tow of options for our valued commercial customers, Trade Discounts and the Powered By IA partnership. All of the benefits are outlined here

What is "Powered by Industrial Athletic" Partnership Program

This is a reward scheme set up for our most loyal and active customer base - CrossFit Affiliates. All of the benefits and qualifying criteria are listed here

Events & Sponsorship

Will Industrial Athletic Sponsor my event?

We are very community minded, and believe the meeting of athletes to better themselves is very important. We do have a very full calendar of events, but we welcome the opportunity to become part of your community. All the details can be found on our facebook page

Equipment & Facility Outfitting

What is the difference between the black, and coloured, training bumper plates?

Basically, the colour. It's for ease of recognition for the athletes, and also the trainers. The black plates are slightly denser rubber, and they are marginally cheaper to produce. In terms of longevity and performance, they are practically identical. View Olympic & Bumper Plates

What is the difference between training and coloured, training and competition bumper plates?

Competition Bumper plates are set to IWF specifications. The 450mm outer, and 50.5mm inner diameters must be strictly adhered to, as well as the +/-10g tolerance on all plates. The width of the plates is significantly reduced because of the steel center plates, which means you can fit more on the bar. View Competition Bumper Plates

Aren't Olympic bars all the same?

No, certainly not. A true Olympic Bar will be very specific in their specifications and the quality of materials and production. Please read the information provided on each of our bars carefully. In short, look for a true shaft diameter of 28mm/20kg (Mens) and 25mm/15kg (Ladies), steel quality, coatings, and knurling spec's to help with your decision. Browse Olympic Bars

Do I need to buy special flooring for dropping bumper plates?

The warranty for our weightlifting equipment is only valid if the equipment is dropped under onto purpose designed (+/=15mm) rubber gym flooring. Browse Gym Flooring

Can I drop my bar on the floor?

The Olympic bar should never be dropped without bumper plates on the sleeves. Plates that are not designed to be dropped, should also not be used if the bar is to be dropped. Browse Olympic Bars, Flooring

How long do bumper plates last?

A selection from each batch of bumpers are drop tested 30,000 times. We warranty the inserts to 30,000 drops, equivalent to 3 years commercial use. If treated well, bumper plates can last decades. Browse Bumper Plates

How heavy is the prowler sled?

48kg approximately. The two uprights are solid steel, not tube! For a lighter, or versatility of other options, take a look at our other sled options Browse Prowler Sleds

Do I get a harness included with my sled?

No, you will need to buy the harness separately. Browse Sleds.

Can Industrial Athletic design a custom rack system for my gym?

Of course, we have a numer of engineers who can happily produce a rack of your design, or we can have a kit-set made up from existing stock parts. Available soon. Browse Racks.

How heavy should my medicine ball be?

Totally dependant on your requirements, but as a rule, these are tools for explosive power and conditioning. If you think that you will not be able to move a certain weight at a high velocity, for a number of repititions, then consider a lighter weight. Available in 3, 6, & 9KG.

Are the Wall Balls suitable for slamming?

Sorry to say, that any stitched ball will succumb to being slammed. There are specific types of ball designed for dropping, or reaction-less falls to the ground, known as "Dead-balls". If you need a dead-blow ball see our dead balls here.

What are the dimensions of the plyo boxes?

The 3 sides are 50cm, 60cm, and 76cm (20", 24", and 30"). View Plyo Box.

What does E-coat, or Electroplating, mean in reference to the kettlebells?

Electroplating is not paint, let's get that very clear. Our Kettlebells are dipped in an electrically charged solution, causing a chemical reaction to the surface, which blackens and hardens it. This means there are no flaking chips of the coating coming off when dropped, bashed, or just worn out. As far as we know, we are the only supplier of E-coat bells in Australasia. Browse Kettlebells

Which rings have better grip, wooden or plastic?

Plain and Simple - Wooden! Plastic rings are good, and tough, but nothing beats the feel, durability, and grip of wooden rings. That's why they are the best around, and used by the real ring users - gymnasts. View Gymnastic Rings.

Do I need a long or short foam roller?

Long foam rollers are definitely the way to go if you don't have to constantly carry it from place to place. Short foam rollers are what we would consider as a travel option. Browse Foam Rollers.