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ULTRA-MAT Fire Retardant Flooring - 1m2/20mm SKU #4-501567

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What is it?

ULTRA-MAT is a new creation from Industrial Athletic.  This is the perfect gym flooring for any commercial or home application.   ULTRA-MAT by Industrial Athletic is unlike an other flooring product on the market.  The top layer is 3mm thick 100% EPDM, a far superior synthetic rubber compound.  The main properties of EPDM are its outstanding heat, ozone and weather resistance, which makes it incredibly durable indoors and out.  Layered onto the 17mm thick recycled sports shoe rubber, the combination makes for incredible grip, easy to lay, and most importantly longevity and asset protection (your other expensive gear!)

There is a substantial amount of technology that goes into such a humble piece of equipment.  The lifetime of weightlifting equipment is substantially increased when paired with the correct flooring.  We have painstakingly sourced the best raw materials and implemented quality assurance processes, to bring this product to New Zealand.  Not all flooring is created equal. 

Whats it's best use?

It's all about equipment longevity and protection.  The more cushioning you give your body and your equipment, the longer it will last.  We have specifically developed it as hard-wearing, and easy to clean, odourless, and easy to install.  Whether installed in a home gym or entire commercial facility, our solid rubber floor mat is commercial quality so it is suitable for a variety of uses including:

  • Functional fitness and training boxes
  • Weightlifting platforms
  • Anti-slip areas
  • Personal training studios
  • Home training facility


  • Two Tone Top Layer - much easier to keep clean!
  • 100% EPDM top layer
  • Much of this product base layer has been recycled from other applications (sports shoes manufacturing offcuts etc)
  • No odour
  • Non-toxic
  • Shock absorbing, ideal for weight training
  • Anti-slip
  • Bevelled edge
  • Approximate dimensions are 500mm x 200mm
  • Tapering from 20mm thick, to 10mm thick

This is premium grade rubber flooring.  For large commercial orders, samples are available on request.  20mm Ultra-Mat provides commercial warranty for Olympic weightlifting equipment.

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