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28mm Wooden Rings + Competition Strap Set SKU #500635

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Product Contains:

1 x 28mm FIG Hard Wood Rings - Pair

1 x Competition Gym Ring Straps

What is it?

Standard International Gymnastics Federation diameter rings have a 180mm inside diamater, with a 28mm diameter grip in extremely durable.  Maufactured from strong and springy Birch hardwood.  The Industrial Athletic Hardwood Gymnastic Rings are manufactured from a stack of laminated hardwoods, and then CNC machined to form a perfect circle, and coated in a tough resin.  Wooden rings provide superior moisture control and grip.

Included are easy adjustment straps for rings, that are 2 metres in length, with incremental stitch blocks to adjust rings quickly and accurately. Double block stitched for longevity and security, on 30mm industrial nylon webbing.  We have specifically upgraded the carabiners to cater for ease of use in rapid change situations.  Our brand new mil-spec carabiners have a unique "barrel and hollow" security lock, that promotes fast changes.  The added security of a screw locking gate makes these carabiners the ultimate in strength, security, and speed.

What’s its best use?

Gymnasts have used rings for decades, to increase strength, power, and stability – all without the use of weights.  They provide a complete exercise performance tool.

IMPORTANT - The Red Stitch Blocks are not indestructible.  All Stitching should be inspected before use, to ensure athlete safety and compliance with Health and Safety

Almost any bodyweight exercise (such as dips, pushups and pullups) can be performed in rings adding to the instability and difficulty of the exercise. Benchmark exercises such as the muscle-up and one-arm muscle-up are also possible using the gymnastic rings. Whether you're using it for WODs and competition or for general strength development and conditioning rings can be used by virtually any lifter, trainer or athlete.  In a nutshell if you are serious about rings, choose wooden.


  • 180mm Inside diameter ring (236mm OD)
  • 28mm grip diameter
  • Manufactured from high density birch
  • Hand dressed
  • 28mm diamater
  • Lighter than plastic rings
  • Comfortable texture
  • Require less chalk than plastic rings
  • Incredibly durable and strong



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