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What is it?

PUSH is not your average wearable device. Our patent-pending PUSH Band doesn't track steps, sleep, eating habits, or calories gained or lost. PUSH Band instead offers scientifically-validated and actionable metrics that can help you improve your training.

PUSH has undergone extensive testing over the past two years. We have had PUSH Beta units in the hands of some of the world's best athletes. Some of the world's most renowned teams in the NFL, NHL, and NBA have requested access to our technology and have been happily using it ever since. Their feedback has gone into what is PUSH today.

Power is Everything

Power, measured in Watts, is the ultimate metric of performance. When two athletes compete and lift the same weight, Power can be used to determine which athlete exerted themselves more during the lift. 

Intuitively, this makes sense. Accelerating through the lift at a slower rate and moving the bar more slowly throughout the entire rep typically indicates a higher level of fatigue and/or inappropriate weight being lifted. With PUSH, you can gain real insights into which athlete is working harder. Also, lifting at a lower weight but more explosively can generate more power, this levels the playing field across athletes of various weight classes, especially when power is normalized based on the athlete's weight.

Measuring Power can be used to accomplish the following goals:

  • Allow athletes to compete regardless of the weight being lifted
  • Measure how hard each athlete is truly working

It's not how much, it's how fast.

Velocity Based Training (VBT) is a new training methodology that is taking the world of strength and conditioning by storm. Velocity Based Training helps regulate the load and volume prescribed, helps determine as well as whether the load applied is appropriate for the athlete and to also determine whether the athlete is reaching the point of failure, before they actually fail.

For decades, coaches knew that the speed of movement during training is important. Unfortunately, the vast majority of coaches had to rely on subjective assessment of the athlete's movement. Tools have been available to measure velocity, but so far they have been difficult to use, difficult to transport, and often outside of the budget of most coaches. Until Now. 

Velocity Based Training can be used to accomplish the following goals:

  • Avoid under- or over-training by monitoring speed of movement
  • Optimize training load and volume based on training goals (Strength, Endurance, Speed)



TW is not a something new, it’s a metric that is recognized by sport scientists (McBride et al., 2009); however, because it’s been limited to research settings, application has been scarce….until now. With advancements in technology, TW is a metric that is not only possible to extract, but is an optimal metric to become the de facto choice for coaches to use to monitor the amount of stress that’s being imposed on an athlete.

Some Features of TW

  1. It’s expressed in Joules (J) or kiloJoules (kJ).
  2. It takes into consideration actual force produced during a movement, distance traveled during a movement (i.e. range of motion) and the velocity of the movement.
  3. Both the eccentric and concentric phases of an exercise are calculated using TW.

Our team at PUSH has spent the last year researching, collecting data and developing algorithms to accurately monitor strength, TW is the result of this diligent work. TW for every rep is calculated and the sum of all these reps represents the amount that you’ve exerted yourself on that day.  Look at the screenshot, this is what you'll see on your PUSH App - this information is useful to keep track of an individuals weight training activity and whether they should pull back or push forward in their next session.

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