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Rigged Racks - Double Cell - MADE TO ORDER - 3 to 6 WEEKS SKU #9-501166

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Product Contains:

8 x IA Rig Upright - Medium 2750mm

8 x IA Rig Utility Box - 1400mm

4 x IA Rig Single Bar with Gussett - 1070mm

2 x IA Rig Single Bar - 1800mm

4 x Squat Cage Safety Strap 1.5m

2 x J-Cups Pair

8 x Safety Sling Bracket - Single

20 x M12 x 100mm Bolt 4pc Packs

4 x IA Rig Utility Box - 1070mm

What is it

Industrial Athletic have  designed the fully customizable rig and power rack combo.  Initially our design was for the Canterbury Rugby Football Union, to meet the needs of a professional sports training environment.  Completely adaptable to the space provided, and able to be fabricated to suit the training needs and facility layout.   Any professional sports team, university, and high school athletic facility in the world, will know this will more than meet their needs.  Constructed from 65 x 65 x 4mm Box, and 33.7 x 4mm Tube, this mammoth bolts together with Zinc Plated M12  hardware,  for ease of portability maximum strength. Fully customisable colours on a 9 colour range.  Our laser-cut precision esures pin placement at the exact height, and that all parts fit together seamlessly. 

Whats it's best use?

The sky is the limit on this bad boy. .  Uprights are the heart of any Rig.  Purely by their nature, they need to be strong, bullet prof in fact.  The numerous attachments mean that their are stresses placed upon these members that are continually opposing.  Strength is the key, that why we use the strongest and thickest steel possible.  Pressed holes mean uniformity, and no sharp edges.  So many options for your Utility bars, pull up bars, or double muscle up bars too.  This piece is a whopper at 4m tall.  Which means it can also be used for your rope climbs , at a very safe height.

Whether its a Band Peg Pull, Weighted Chin Up, Conditioning Class, or max Squats, the Rigged Racks have the advantage, purely becuase you can achieve it all, on one station.

Building a rig for any functional strength and fitness facility is a very personal process.  Your building's layout will determine what piece you need, and where they will go.  The functionality of that rig, however, should be consistent with what you actually need.  A good rig will

    •    Fit your facilities space as needed, and not be the dominant feature
    •    Accommodate as many (capable) people in your classes, at the time
    •    Be adaptable, as you grow
    •    Use space wisely
    •    Be affordable, without unnecessary spending
    •    Have functionality and comfort as appropriate, for a wide cross section of people

Traditionally, we see rigs as solid replacements for squat stands and racks, they have multiple stations for pull-ups, muscle ups, and rope claims if necessary.  Your IA Rig should fulfill your needs, and be a great piece of kit, without blowing your budget, or causing unnecessary headaches as you go.

Superior Features

    •    4mm walled, 65mm x 65mm Box Steel
    •    33.7mm Tube, with 3mm walls
    •    J-Hook Compatible
    •    1 Hole every 100mm for multi-level attachement
    •    Multiple holes for Pull up bars, Muscle up stations, and rope climbs
    •    Industrial Grade, Textured, Black Powder-coating
    •    Attachments and accessories for every purpose (some on spec order only)

For a full IA Rig setup, or quote, please email us at http://www.industrialathletic.com/facility-outfitting

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There will be some paperwork to complete, then simply
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