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Climbing Ropes

Climbing Ropes

Climbing ropes are a great way to improve upper body strength and core as well as co-ordination.  Adding rope climbs into your strength or conditioning training, especially legless, using only your upper body, will guarantee phenomenal results.  Having a gym climbing rope installed at your fitness facility will allow athletes to build foundational strength in your upper body, grip strength and coordination skills.

In newer athletes, it teaches confidence in lifting your own body weight which can be transferred to other dynamic movements like ring and bar muscle ups - but it is ideal to slowly teach correct rope technique by completing partial climbs first.  Ensuring athletes are aware of the potential dangers and injuries is important as well, in particular when dismounting.

Being so heavily reliant on grip strength, liquid or regular chalk may be helpful as an aid, especially on new training ropes.  

We pride ourselves on only selling high quality climbing ropes in NZ, constructed from high grade natural sisal fibre.  If you’re looking for battle ropes you can find them here.