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The Industrial Athletic abmat is the perfect support for your lower back when performing sit ups at high volume.  The humble sit up exercise is actually a lot more involved than what you might imagine.  To get the most out of a crunch exercise the abdominal muscles need to extend from a position of max length to a position of minimum length.

By adding the ab mat under your lumbar it allows for this full range of motion to be achieved and creates a safe platform for your lower back and spine.  You want to have the highest point of the cushion at the top of your glutes.

Why do sit ups?  Your core is the home base for all strength.  Having a weak core will undoubtedly leave you prone to niggles or injuries in other parts of the body, and you’ll find by doing core strengthening workouts that other movements suddenly become a lot more manageable.  Bodyweight exercises can usually be performed with minimal workout gear, or at the very least, lightweight equipment.  

Want to boost your sit up exercise to a higher metabolic conditioning movement?  Add a medicine ball.  By holding the wall ball with outstretched arms, tapping it behind your head at extensions and guiding it up above you as you sit up, you’ll level up your training workout (and hopefully your aesthetics!) even faster.

Commonly also used as a progression tool for handstand push ups, by placing the mat under the athletes head to create a soft landing point.