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Assault Bike/Runner

Assault Bike/Runner

If you have spent some time in functional fitness circles, you may have heard of the Assault air bike.  Not just your regular exercise bike, this nasty piece of excellent conditioning fitness equipment is your best friend and worst enemy in a workout.  

Unlike other indoor exercise bikes, the Assault bike is powered by a fan (so is often known as a ‘fan bike’ as well) to generate the resistance.  It will burn calories very quickly and improve your metabolic endurance training like no other machine - the harder you pedal, the harder the resistance becomes.  

It calls on your lower and upper body to move, meaning you can alternate between the two if you get tired, but it certainly doesn’t make an Assault air bike workout any easier!

One incredible quality of the Assault Air bIke is it’s ability to be used in rehabilitation due to it’s zero impact nature.  

The other addition to the Assault family is the Air Runner.  It is the best treadmill you can find.  It is durable and unmatched in its construction.  Like the bike, it is powered by your energy so as you run, the track moves.  Not only does that create a realistic feel to your run, it means zero electrical consumption and a very low carbon footprint.  When compared to a regular exercise treadmill, the Assault Air Runner is able to burn up to 30% more calories.

Combining either of these epic training machines with a Concept2 rower will give you a high intensity interval training workout to boot.  Adding one to your home gym or training facility will not disappoint.