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Clean Grip and Chalk

Clean Grip and Chalk

Clean Grip Liquid Chalk + Hand Sanitizer is a 100% New Zealand magnesium carbonate (gym and climbing chalk) substitute.  This innovative product has a superior bond to the palms, and keeps the hands dry for longer, forming a barrier against sweat and moisture during workouts.  Clean Grip also doubles as a hand sanitiser, making the product ideal for every user entering the gym environment, functional training facility, climbing wall, or gymnastic club.  Clean Grip is manufactured as a hand sanitizer and grip product to a cosmetic standard.  The formula is PH balanced and contains a low threshold of alcohol, so that it is not too harsh on the skin, as other sanitizers can be.

Traditional gym chalk is messy and can ruin your gym machines and equipment quickly.  By using liquid chalk you can get even more life out of your expensive training gear.  It also saves chalk from floating all over the gym flooring causing work for you cleaning it all!

If you can’t quite move on from the old school block gym chalk, we have it for sale also