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Speed Ropes

Speed Ropes

The benefits of using speed ropes for boxing and martial art training, as well as for general cardiac fitness have long been recognized. Featuring the latest technology and designs, Industrial Athletic’s range of high-quality jump ropes can take this exercise to another level.
Our Raptor range are some of best speed ropes available, and feature factory set shafts featuring two sealed bearings at the head, and a snap ring design which increases safety, bearing efficiency and speed. The flared handles have foam grips for extra control and comfort. The adjustable collar means that the length can easily be adjusted making this one of the most popular wire jump ropes for speed jumping and double-unders. These speed ropes are designed for outdoor use only and the cable itself is subject to wear and will require replacing at intervals. Our top quality cables are manufactured in the USA and are coated to increase their durability.
Other speed ropes feature extra wide, indestructible textured handles and their black zinc coated metal spine gives a stable platform for the bearings to provide fast revolutions. The cables are colour coded with a PVC coating and this type of speed rope should be used on a non-abrasive or rubber surface.
Some of the best speed ropes for conditioning work are of a thicker gauge which offer increased resilience and durability. Our Viper speed ropes for high intensity training have a 3-mm steel cable with a PVC coating which can be cut to the desired length. Their flared handles give increased turning radius so helping to effortlessly increase the rope speed, and the bushing design gives a smooth rotation for a premium price.
With a leading range of speed ropes for sale online, get in touch with one of our expert staff to find the right equipment to reach your fitness goals.