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The Concept2 rowing machine is a staple in functional fitness gyms, but is also perfect for the home gym and in a number of different gym facilities.  As a rowing simulator it is a powerful piece of endurance and conditioning equipment. 

It is hailed to be the best air resistance indoor rower on the market and used by top sports people across a range of different high performance sports.  If you are participating in the CrossFit Games Open, the Concept2 rower is the approved indoor rower that can be used in workouts.

In terms of a cardio workout, the rowing machine is perfect.  Fantastic for weight loss and even better for those with injuries, where running may aggravate your joints.  

Industrial Athletic is proud to supply NZ with Concept2 Model D rowers, and if you’re looking to level up your endurance or conditioning why not check out the Assault Air Bike.  Touted as one of the nastiest pieces of fitness gear you’ll find, it leaves no man standing.