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Industrial Athletic carries a range of barbell collars to cater to different requirements of the weightlifting equipment in your gym or fitness facility.  

At the top end of the spectrum are our 2.5kg competition weightlifting collars, that also feature a magnetic face allowing quick changes of our change plates (that are also magnetised) without having to remove the collar from the barbell.

We have a couple of options of spring loaded bar collars available to purchase, which would be suitable for functional training gym or sport facility use day to day without compromising on quality or integrity.  Our Lock-Jaw pro barbell collars increase strength and holding power over 50% more than the classic Lock-Jaw collar version.  Made from a resin frame with elastomer pads, it will protect the barbell and bumper plates from damage.

Our Lock-Jaw HEX range of collars are an affordable and extremely durable option but are lightweight and not designed for repetitive and sustained dropping of barbells.

If you’re looking for the perfect barbell to add these collars too, check out our current barbells for sale here.  We pride ourselves on bringing you the highest quality weightlifting equipment in NZ.