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Crossover Symmetry

Crossover Symmetry

Crossover Symmetry are the best resistance cords on the market today and are perfect for building strong, healthy shoulders.  If you have shoulder impingements, are restricted in overhead positions or need to refine your shoulder mobility, this is one of the most advanced systems available.

Crossover cords provide a complete shoulder care system to be used in rehab exercises, medically designed to overcome shoulder pain.  Crossover cables give you the ability to warm up effectively before training and are perfect for sports that are taxing on the upper body such as cricket, swimming, baseball, tennis, golf, weightlifting or functional fitness.

Available in a range of different resistances, an athlete can safely develop the small mechanics in their shoulder which in turn will improve overall strength and performance when working out.  

You can replicate a similar system using our Industrial Athletic resistance bands as well, which are more cost effective if you’re just starting out.  Check out our other rehab fitness gear for a complete solution to maintaining your body and mobilising.