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Training sleds come in a few different styles depending on what you’re ideally using it for.  We have Industrial Athletic sleds in prowler, dog and sprint sled styles.

Using sleds for gym workouts can greatly increase your strength, power and endurance output by changing how they’re used.  

Sleds are great for strength training by loading it with weight for slower/shorter distances, while adding up to 70% of max weight and pushing as hard and fast as possible will increase explosive power and speed.

As a piece of conditioning equipment an athlete can improve anaerobic conditioning by performing high intensity interval sprints, and longer push lengths to improve aerobic conditioning.

Unlike other exercises that may produce similar results, the sled is low impact meaning you’re less likely to suffer injuries.

We’ve got a range of strength training eqipment that can greatly improve your training results.  Check out our power bags in a range of weights for a portable volume strength building tool.