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If you’ve purchased an Industrial Athletic rig or rack we can provide a range of rack accessories to cater to your facility’s requirements.  All able to be purchased online, we have J cups, spotter arms, medicine ball targets and dip bars adding security and extra options to your exercise rig.

Spotter arms are an excellent ‘peace of mind’ accessory allowing a stable and safe platform for a loaded barbell to be caught on, if the athlete was to fail a lift.  Used for squats or bench, this piece of gym equipment is the back up system allowing security for the lifter.

We have J cups and J hooks available to buy online, that allow safe racking of your barbell.  Both options are compatible with various Industrial Athletic squat rigs, and both feature UHMW plastic inserts to protect the knurling on your barbell.

Our IA medicine ball targets are the perfect solution for training wall ball aim especially in the lead up to competitions.  They can be applied to any height on our rigs for the perfect fit, or can be wall-mounted for a professional look in your gym.