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If you’re a novice looking to get started with some home weightlifting equipment, or an experienced lifter searching for specialised Olympic weightlifting gear, Industrial Athletic have you covered with our huge, high-quality range.
Industrial Athletic carries a complete range of rugged bumper plates from 1.25-kg up to 25-kg each. These are available in pairs or as weight lifting sets of 100, 120, 140 and 150-kg. Choose the multi-coloured Elite range made of virgin rubber and plated zinc, which are dead-blow and low-bounce for convenience and safety. Their slim design allows more weight to be added to the bar, and with just a 10-g weight-difference margin, these bumper plates are among the best Olympic weightlifting equipment for sale anywhere.
Our Nitro range are manufactured from recycled crumb rubber, with medium bounce and legendary durability.  These all black bumper plates may not be pretty, but they’re some of the toughest weightlifting equipment in New Zealand.
Industrial Athletic also carries OWNZ approved Olympic bars and barbells of 15 and 20-kg, each made from the highest quality Japanese steel, and a full range of spring and magnetic competition collars. Our weightlifting range also includes specialised grip tools and high-tech electronics to keep track of your training progress
We also stock rolling towers for moving your bumper plates, Olympic barbell jacks for changing those heavy plates quickly and safely, and toaster racks to keep your plates and gun racks for your barbells.
Get your home gym set up with high-grade rubber gym flooring, and find essential weightlifting products like powdered or liquid chalk. We offer flat benches and adjustable inclined benches, as well as adjustable height jerk boxes.
If you’re as serious about weightlifting as we are, get in touch with one of our team today, and they’ll make sure you get the best equipment to hit your weightlifting training goals.