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A core part of our range of conditioning equipment, Industrial Athletic’s single-piece iron kettlebells are cast in a gravity cast mould, to produce a totally balanced object, with a clean seam, and a close to perfect natural powder-coated surface. We offer a complete range of standard sizes with kettlebell weights ranging from 4 to 48-kg, and each one is colour coded to RKC standards.   

Our Pro-grade kettlebells feature a seriously tough solid steel shell and the rough textured industrial paint finish ensures a firm grip. Weights, from 8 to32kg, are obtained by adding lead ballast in the interior, so these kettlebells are all of standard size.  

Kettlebell exercises are great for strength and endurance building, especially in the shoulders, legs and lower back, and for increasing grip strength.  Industrial Athletic offers a full range of high-quality kettlebells for sale in full sets, pairs, or singly. Designed for safety and performance, why not put them through their paces in your next kettlebell workout? 

If you’re looking to push your conditioning workouts even further, why not pick up one of our high-performance speed ropes.