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Power Bags

Power Bags

If you’re looking for a high quality power bag you’ve come to the right place.  Our training/high intensity gym power bags can be used in a huge variety of ways.  

One of the biggest benefits of power bag training is that they’re quite soft and forgiving so if you perform any explosive or diverse movements - carrying a bag on your shoulder, running up a hill, sprints, picking it up - they're very comfortable to use.

We have power bags for sale in varying weights - from 5 to 20kg.  We have spent a lot of time developing a double enclosure so we’ve got all of the sand in a durable bag, and a foam layer before you get to the outer PVC coating.  Our slam bags also have a velcro and zip closure so you won’t end up with a beach on your gym flooring.

Like power bags, our Industrial Athletic slam balls are portable and are a powerful piece of strength and conditioning gear.  Check out our full range of slam balls here.