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Plyo Boxes

Plyo Boxes

The plyo box is perfect in conditioning training workouts for improving explosiveness and power.  The plyometric block can be used by athletes of all abilities, for box jumps or box step ups.  

Industrial Athletic sells plyo boxes in NZ with a padded but firm outer shell, to protect athletes against shin injuries especially if performing max height box jumps, and eliminate the concern in newer athletes who are adding jump training into their conditioning programme.

You can add a strength component to your plyo block training by holding kettlebells in each hand and stepping up and over.  

Also able to be used as a piece of bodyweight training equipment during tricep dips or for handstand push up progressions when coupled with an abmat, or even for rehab or warmup exercises especially in athletes with knee impingements or injuries (standing on the edge to perform single leg squats while keeping your shin vertical, and your other leg hanging down the side)