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Functional clothing and footwear gives you the edge.  Our range is always developed and considered with athlete’s input.  Buying items of quality shouldn’t stop at the actual gym equipment itself.  If you’re going to be performing tough strength and conditioning exercises why not have the tough gym clothing to match.  Our Industrial Athletic and Flexion range of fitness clothing is awesome at keeping up with your workout, all while ensuring you look cool too.Flexion’s hardcore shorts are available at Industrial Athletic.  Shorts that can keep up with weightlifting training are often the hardest thing to find.  We’ve all seen the all too common back seam blow outs or tears in the side stitching.  That is one issue that Flexion Shorts have revolutionised in their awesome training shorts design.  We are proud to stock Flexion at Industrial Athletic - true ‘SquatProof’ shorts.  It’s worth investing in high quality workout clothing as it’s usually put through its paces in terms of stretching and how often it is worn.  Even well known brands often end up out of shape or ripped up as they’re just generic exercise gear and don’t specialise in the demands of high intensity functional training.Our ultra light, comfortable IA Mothership t-shirt has become a cult icon in functional fitness circles.  It comes pre-shrunk to minimise shrinkage and is an excellent fit - perfect for chilling out or working out.Complete your training outfit with some Inov-8 shoes or a sweet training cap to hold back those shiny locks (and keep sweat out of your eyes!) - we have WOD or weightlifting shoes at IA that you can try on in store before you buy.  Inov-8 constantly looks for ways to make the best even better in their shoe design.