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Knee Sleeves and Wrist Wraps

Knee Sleeves and Wrist Wraps

Industrial Athletic offers one of the best selections of high-quality wrist straps, wraps and knee sleeves in NZ. Knee sleeves are an important part of every weightlifter's kit, providing strength and stabilisation during heavy lifting, while wrist wraps help keep your wrists straight during a pressing movement. 

Our range of wrist straps and Rehband wrist supports provide warmth, compression and support without impeding movement. Rehband knee sleeves provide effective knee joint protection and powerful stabilisation. Made of 5 or 7mm neoprene, they provide high compression without reducing mobility. Industrial Athletic stocks one of the largest ranges of Rehband knee sleeves in NZ, and these are some of the best knee sleeves for CrossFit or weight training. Available in pairs, or singly, to support one knee during injury recovery, Rehband knee sleeve wraps also relieve pressure, maximise blood flow to the knee and can improve coordination.  To find your fit, measure the circumference of your leg, flexed about 30-degrees, 15-cm below the kneecap and convert to one of the six available sizes. We also stock a range of Rock Tape knee sleeves that feature heat sealed seams and come in three sizes, determined by measuring around the centre of the knee cap.

Knee wraps protect the knees during squatting, and many lifters use knee wraps for Olympic lifting training to lift larger weights and perform more reps. When using knee wraps for lifting competitions, you may want to go a size smaller than normal for extra support. 

Some wrist wraps have thumb loops which help to position them so that the wrist is correctly supported, and to keep them in place. Some have a super strong Velcro which lets you slacken or tighten the pressure quickly, while some are friction locked by a twist of the wrist. Overuse of wrist wraps can actually limit your strength development, so only use them when working at near maximum workout load. Thinner cotton wraps are best for snatches and jerks where more wrist movement is required, while thicker wraps are indicated for bench and shoulder presses. Wrist wraps come in different strengths, so before you buy wrist wraps, feel free to have a chat to one of the Industrial Athletic team to help find the best product for your fitness goals.