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Rehab gear, rehab gear and mobility equipment is often overlooked by athletes, but is what will keep the body functioning properly through whatever you throw at it.  It is often agreed on by professionals as the single most important element of high performance sport or functional training.  Thankfully, most rehab equipment is fairly inexpensive but extremely effective.  For example, a foam roller is excellent to stretch out and massage large muscles, while lacrosse balls are hugely effective in targeting connective tissues that a foam roller may miss.  Both have their own merits and both work together perfectly.  Targeted muscle releasing combined with stretching or exercises using strength bands and Crossover Symmetry resistance cords, will help bulletproof your body.  Industrial Athletic offers high quality fitness mobility gear in New Zealand, but we don’t stop there.  We also have a select range of nutritional supplements by NUZEST to fuel your body with clean protein, vitamins and hydration.  Building your body from the inside out is the key to absolute success.