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Weight Vests

Weight Vests

Weight Vests 

If you want to give your workout routine a boost, weight vest training can deliver amazing results, and Industrial Athletic stocks what we think are the best weight vests in New Zealand. By increasing your bodyweight during regular exercises, you can dramatically improve your strength and endurance. 

Our weighted vests are made of durable ripstop nylon, and are constructed to the highest of standards because we know they need to be tough to take on the most intense workouts. Out weight vests are also fully washable, comfortable to wear, and come in one size which adjusts to fit just about everyone.

The weights are positioned symmetrically around the front of the power vest so it is evenly balanced. This also means that the weights do not interfere with the free-range of movements you require during a workout. Each individual weight is one-kg and can be added as desired. With the right equipment and routine, visible benefits of weight vest training occur quickly and weights up to a maximum of 20-kg can be accommodated to obtain maximum results.

Workouts with weight vests increase the resistance during body weight exercises and can be used during rope climbing, muscle-ups, push-ups and chin-ups. Use a weight vest for functional fitness and gymnastic style exercise routines as well as when using kettlebells. You will discover how your capability to generate power, even when fatigued increases with regular use.

Doing weight vest speed training will not only increase your power output, but also improve your rate of force production. Adding load during speed based resistance exercises, and all kinds of conditioning and metabolic work will enable to see improvements faster.

Power vests can also be worn comfortably when just out walking the dog, giving an extra benefit to muscle development and endurance.