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Medicine Balls

Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are a killer piece of conditioning equipment and will quickly highlight flaws in your mobility, lung capacity and ability to ignore the fire in your quads!  Our Industrial Athletic wall balls have a soft vinyl coated polyester shell that is extremely durable and able to handle the impact of constant conditioning training.  A key item to have in your gym if you want to add explosive exercises and increase overall endurance and conditioning.

Buying quality weighted exercise balls is important especially when used in functional fitness workouts - there’s nothing worse than having an unbalanced ball, or one that makes a training workout unnecessarily hard due to poor quality construction of the wall ball.  It is well known that Industrial Athletic wall balls are of the highest quality in NZ.

Industrial Athletic medicine balls are available to buy individually or as sets for if you’re setting up a facility.

Please note:  medicine balls should not be used as slam balls.  The construction of slam balls and dead balls is very different.  Using an Industrial Athletic medicine ball as a slam ball will void its warranty.

Our range of kettlebells  are another way to add weighted exercises to your strength and conditioning programme.