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Industrial Athletic’s range of functional fitness and training accessories will ensure you’re kitted out with everything required to make your workout that little bit easier.  These are the athletic accessories that save and protect you bits and pieces so you have one less thing to think about mid WOD.  

Our palm protection range will allow you to smash out pull up or toe to bar reps without tearing your hands - which can put an end to your training session or event.  

Industrial Athletic stocks one of the largest ranges of Rehband knee sleeves for sale in NZ, with models suited for functional fitness weightlifting and powerlifting. Featuring reinforced stitching, Rehband knee wraps and neoprene sleeves are available from Industrial Athletic in 5mm and 7mm thicknesses. Sold in pairs, or singly to support one knee during injury recovery, Knee sleeve wraps also help relieve pressure, maximise blood flow to the knee, reduce knee pain and provide a warming effect.

If you’re looking for wrist wraps in NZ we stock our IA branded wraps which are rigid and easily adjustable, and perfect for heavy volume sets or one rep maxes.  We also have Rehband wrist supports which provide warmth and light support for exercises such as hand stand walking, hand stand push ups or burpees, where the wrist is put into flexion, but doesn’t require full, rigid support.

You can also find the likes of weightlifting chalk and clean grip chalkweight belts and more in our range of premium WOD accessories.