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Weightlfitng Belts

Weightlfitng Belts

Weightlifting Belts
For serious lifters, weight belts are an essential piece of workout equipment. Before you buy weightlifting belts online make sure that you know which is best suited to your needs.  At Industrial Athletic we carry what we think are of the best weightlifting belts in New Zealand, so you can be sure that you’re getting the right weightlifting equipment for your requirements.
Leather weight belts are used to provide support to the lower back making it safer to lift big weights. By stabilising the back area and increasing the pressure in the abdomen they can actually increase your lifting ability. Made from a high-grade leather, these heavy duty weightlifting belts have a roughened surface to increase the friction and ensure maximum support. Perfect for exercises like deadlifts, stiff-legged deadlifts and squats to prevent the lumbar from rounding. Make sure that you chose the right size of belt and position it tightly around the waist just above the hips. Correct use gives you tactile feedback when bracing resulting in a more stable and stronger lifting position Use these belts for Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and strongman competitions.
More athletes are now using weightlifting belts for functional fitness training. Although this was originally frowned upon by some, many users have now discovered that a belt gives them security so that they can push themselves further with less danger of injury. As a softer, lighter weight belt is often preferred for high intensity training, we carry nylon weightlifting belts which shape to your midsection for increased comfort. These belts have a hook and loop fastening system and come in five sizes. They are ideal for all round weightlifting.
If you are looking to build your triceps, pecs and shoulder strength the is no better exercise than the weighted dip, and a specially designed dip belt can increase your weight lifting capacity to really get the most out of your workout. These double-layer nylon Dip belts come in one size and have a sturdy chain and carabiner fastening system.