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Pull Up Bars

Pull Up Bars

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars
Athletes and fitness professionals know that pull ups and chin ups are among the most effective exercises for rapidly building upper body strength. If you want to take your pull up workout to the next level, grab one of Industrial Athletic NZ’s wall mounted pull up bars. Our custom designed wall mount pull up bar doesn’t require much space, and can be installed in your garage, basement, bedroom or even the bathroom.

With a pull up bar at home, you can do a quick series of pull ups whenever you have a few moments spare. With regular use and the right technique, you will quickly see improvements to upper body and core strength. Pull up bar workouts are broad, functional and inclusive, and they not only build strength, they also increase your total body awareness and control.

At Industrial Athletic we set out to design the best pull up bar available, able to endure years of hard use in gyms, while offering maximum value. The strong 3-mm walled steel of the 50 x 50-mm box section can easily take the force of pull up workouts, while the 28-mm bar is powder coated to ensure a good grip that feels secure and comfortable. The heavy duty welding of our wall mounted pull up bars is sturdy and robust, so, no worries about a bit breaking off - even during the most strenuous pull up bar exercises.

Our wall mount pull-up bar comes flat packed and requires minimal assembly, however for increased safety, we do recommend that you employ a professional to do the installation. The unit can be attached to either a solid and strong wooden or concrete surface using the 6 screw holes located on the supporting mounts.