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The Trade Zone – Discounts Made Easy

The Trade Zone is that special place where you are in charge. You know that working in your business is a dedication, and time is precious. No need for messy invoicing, or spreadsheets of the gear you want. Simply apply for trade zone account, if approved, we’ll give you access to discounted prices, at your fingertips 24/7. Where to from here?

Who's Eligible

  • CrossFit Affiliates
  • Sports Teams
  • Commercial Gym
  • Personal Trainier
  • Police/Fire/Defence
  • Medical Practicioner
  • Sports Club
  • Schools/University

How it works

1. Get pre-approved for the Trade Zone

First and foremost, we need you to send us your details. Everything we need is in the form to the right. After all, the more information you provide, the better armed we will be to make a speedy decision

2. Let’s Get Down to Business

Once you have sent us your details, we’ll look over the form, and endeavour to get back to you with a ‘yay or nay‘ in 48 hours. Once approved, We'll supply a logo and our link for your home page too, and you'll be up and running, and ready to roll.


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