Make your move!

Make your move!

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about CrossFit is that you have to be fit before you start.  This couldn’t be further from the truth!  CrossFit gets you fit – no matter what your age, shape or weight is to begin with.

There is a scaling option for everything meaning you can work slowly towards goals (eg. you don’t need to be able to do a pull up – there are a bunch of different strength bands that can be used to assist until you can do it without one!).    This, combined with excellent coaching and a positive environment, means the sky is the limit – as long as you remember the most important part:  warm up/stretch/mobilise/roll out/warm down.  Looking after your body is too often neglected which is what sends people straight to injury town.  Don’t be afraid of getting into it, the first step is taking the first step through the door!

Some handy items that will become a staple in your gym bag as a new CrossFitter:
–  A decent skipping rope
–  Wrist wraps
–  Knee sleeves
–  Decent WOD-friendly shoes
–  Lacrosse ball

Talk to people you know who are involved in the CrossFit community.  There are so many great boxes around, they will no doubt be able to recommend a couple for you to trial that are near your home.  There is a different little community within each CrossFit box and there’s no harm in trying a few until you find one that fits!

Photo credit:  Sue Shaw Soul Photography/CrossFit Gore Gauntlet