Open Season: Calling All New Recruits!

Open Season: Calling All New Recruits!

Whether your a first timer or a veteran, the CrossFit Open marks the start of the exciting ‘road to the games’ as the hashtag goes.  If you are a first time CrossFit Open participant, prepare to get reeled into the world of CrossFit even further!  This is an awesome time of the year for athletes and at most CrossFit boxes, will be the time when there is the most buzz, activity and competition.

It’s the only sport where the absolute top competitors in the world (the ‘Fittest on Earth’) compete on the same playing field right from the start, alongside the newest athletes in CrossFit community, and it’s so damn cool.  Seeing how you stack up against your idols over the 5 workouts is both inspiring and mind blowing.  Just imagine the day you may eventually beat one of your idols in an Open WOD?  That’s been a reality for a handful of New Zealand’s top CrossFit athletes over the years.

Feeling nervous should become second nature to you during the Open and the sooner you embrace that feeling rather than let it control you, the better your results will be.  The best thing is that everyone else will be feeling the same, and this is when boxes and athletes can be brought closer together through mutual feelings of nerves, excitement and relief.

It’s a good way to better yourself as well – you’ll find out pretty quick where you major weaknesses are and will know what you need to focus on in the year after, before the next Open rolls around.  Competing ‘against’ others in your gym will push you more than ever before as well, and who knows, you might just be the inspiration someone else needs to hit a new PB or get that coveted first muscle up.

So, spend the next couple of weeks before 18.1 (released on February 22nd) locking down your head game and keep reminding yourself that it’s the journey that matters, not the destination – stay positive and have fun.

We’ve put together some top ‘gear’ picks to get you sussed before it starts to help protect ya bits and hopefully bring you some Open PBs – yeeeow!

Palm Guards – but why?
The last thing you want in the very first week of the Open is ripped hands – those suckers will still be healing by the time the next workout is released and that’s a stress best avoided.  Especially if you’re thinking of trying the WOD a couple of times.  Protect before they’re wrecked.


Speed Rope – but why?
Double-unders have featured in the Open every year.  Even if you start with one of our Black Hawk ropes which are suited to someone learning double unders (pic on the left below), it’s worth having a high quality rope in your arsenal.  If you already have double-unders and are ready to level up with your rope – check out our Viper or Raptor ropes.  It’s worth investing in a speed rope of your own even if they’re not part of the Open, so you a) don’t have to use a bog-standard gym ropes, and b) always have your own rope, to the right length, available at all times.



Wrist Wraps – but why?
For starters, these are worth having in your gym bag at all times in or out of the Open.  Their best use is during heavy overhead barbell or kettlebell/dumb bell movements (and we all know how much Castro loved a dumb bell last year…) to give your wrists a little bit of added stability.  Better not worn constantly though so you don’t end up relying on them.


Knee Sleeves – but why?
Like wrist wraps, knee sleeves provide support and warm.  They’re great for volume or heavy squats, and as a barrier of protection for lunges – and we’ve had walking lunges in 2016 and 2017 so there’s every possibility we’ll see Castro throw them into the mix again.  Rehband is the official brand of the CrossFit games and for good reason.  Just check out their ambassador list – Rich Froning, Josh Bridges, Tia-Claire Toomey, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Annie Thorisdottir, Mattie Rogers, to name a few…


WOD shoes – but why?
Shoes designed specifically for CrossFitters, makes CrossFitting that much more comfortable.  Industrial Athletic are the only NZ retailer wear you can come in and try before you buy on Inov-8 shoes, which are specifically designed not to alter the biomechanics of the foot and body.  We have CrossFit shoes and Olympic lifting shoes so hopefully you can hit some epic PBs this Open (pray for barbells people, pray for barbells!)