Our lifting panels will bamboozle you

Our lifting panels will bamboozle you

Sorry about the dad joke but we really couldn’t resist.

We have pioneered the use of ultra hard and durable bamboo panels within high quality, dense rubber tile flooring – a system we call ‘integrated platforms’.  The idea is to create a flush mounted flooring profile that allows multi-use facilities with specialist lifting areas.

The bamboo panels are five times harder than wood.  They’re compressed and layered to form a stable, audible, and professional surface.  Complete with triple layer satin lacquer for strength, the look and style is second to none.  The system is fully interchangeable and movable if the desired layout changes or the facility moves to another location.  Colour coded tiles can be adopted also.

Safety is at the forefront of our minds when designing facilities, and we feel there is a great benefit in reducing the projectile hazard that can be created from stray barbells leaving a traditional platform, or worse still – hitting an edge.

Get in touch with us if you’re interested in either bamboo panel platforms or our rubber flooring:  team@industrialathletic.com