TrainingMask 3.0 – bring the intensity

TrainingMask 3.0 – bring the intensity

The latest and greatest TrainingMask is now available at Industrial Athletic.  Read up on it below (information provided via TrainingMask’s website)

Loading a muscle group is what people do at the gym by lifting weights to get stronger, faster, and fitter. Applying a load to your muscles can be achieved several different ways. Whether it be with weights, friction, tension, etc. TrainingMask® breathing exercise devices were engineered to apply variable levels of load to the respiratory muscles by controlling air flow pass through; this increases tension on the breathing muscles which makes them stronger and more efficient. But does better breathing really matter? Will breathing better help me reach my fitness goals?

The answer is YES. Think about a two-mile run for example. Typically, when you start to slow down it’s not because your legs are tired, it’s because your breathing so hard (general fatigue.). Using the TrainingMask® in your workouts will decrease the impact of fatigue in your training sessions by increasing your threshold potential, activity strength at exhaustion, and stamina.

Training Mask 3.0 is designed to bring performance breathing to your training sessions via the multi-patented NXT FORC3 Air Flow Platform. NXT FORC3 technology features on the fly air flow adjustment which allows you to increase or decrease the load on your breathing muscles based on the demands of your workout in real time. Performance breathing with TrainingMask 3.0 focuses on improving respiratory conditioning, fitness, and recovery.

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