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Strength Bands

Strength Bands

You can’t go past Industrial Athletic if you’re looking to buy the best resistance bands in NZ. Our latest range of strength bands are stronger, smoother and more durable than ever before.  We have constructed them out of a more natural latex rubber that is conveniently colour coded to our Industrial Athletic specs.  

If you’re wondering how to use resistance bands, we have a couple of blog postswith handy videos showing a few warm up progressions and ways you can incorporate them into a workout.  

Our rubber resistance bands can be used for weight training and are the perfect partner for prehab and rehab exercises.  Exercise bands give you the ability to add assistance, resistance and mobility into your training plan.  They’re a key item to have for stretching in warm ups and cool downs (you can loop them around a rig upright and get a number of amazing stretch exercises for your whole body), for pull up and muscle up progressions if you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, and for banded squats, deadlifts or bench presses.  

Warming up and cooling down - stretching and mobilising - should be the top priority of your gym workout.  Most rehab gear is inexpensive and worth having in your gym bag to help keep you on top of your game.  Learn more about our lacrosse balls and black magic bands.