China: stepping up their environmental game - Industrial Athletic

China: stepping up their environmental game

We know just as well as the next person how annoying it can be when stuff is out of stock.  To be honest, our stock is so damn popular when it arrives on our shores it’s gone within a week – you guys just love our stuff too much huh?

Recently though, we’ve had even more setbacks with delivery of our new stock due to environmental inspections in China which sounds like a bad thing, but for Industrial Athletic, is actually a positive.

For so long China has had a bad rep, but there has been a massive crackdown on environmental compliance at industrial centres across the country in China.  The government has put pressure on inspectors to shut down polluting factories, mines and processing facilities by September.  Facilities that’s do not comply are required to upgrade their pollution controls or shut down completely.

While these inspections and checks have put a hold on the delivery of our items, we are proud to say all of the factories in which we manufacture our products passed all of the compliance tests!

So, while we know waiting for items to be in stock is a pain in the butt, we can be thankful that in this case the delay was for a good reason environmentally.

We also recently released our wooden gymnastics rings in fully recycled packaging and will be looking to follow suit with other products very soon!