Are you ready to transform your body from a caterpillar to a butterfly?

We'll step you through everything you need to set up your home gym with all the essential pieces of equipment you'll need to transform your body in the privacy of your own home.

Exercising at home
Why a home gym?

Imagine your very own fitness sanctuary, customised to your liking and nestled right within your personal space. Imagine the possibilities as you hand-select the perfect equipment for your unique workout needs, all without the need for a colossal, gym-like area. Transform any corner of your home, be it a cozy spare room, forgotten basement, or even the great outdoors, into your exclusive workout haven. Say hello to a new era of personal fitness tailored just for you.

In these custom sanctuaries, you hand-select the perfect weights, cardio machines, and strength-training equipment for your body's transformation journey. No mansion is needed. Any spare room or garage can be turned into an intimate, versatile, and mighty personal gym that's uniquely yours!

How to build a home gym
Home Gym Essentials
What you need for an epic setup

1. Flooring

The first place that you should start is with the

Upgrade your workout space with heavy-duty rubber floor mats - the ultimate superhero shielding both your floors and exercise gear from the wrath of tumbling weights, clashing dumbbells, and relentless kettlebells!

There are many options on the market, but we recommend these two:

ULTRA-MAT by Industrial Athletic is the definitive gym flooring, providing extraordinary performance and lasting durability. Its 3mm thick top layer of 100% EPDM rubber offers superb protection from heat, ozone and inclement weather. Coupled with a 17 mm base made out of recycled sports shoe rubber - offering an unparalleled grip that keeps your equipment safe & secure - it's easy to assemble while guaranteeing many years' worth of use in both commercial & home settings!

Unleash your fiercest workout sessions without worry on our waterproof mats - they've got your back, no matter how sweaty things get! And keeping them squeaky clean? A breeze with trusty Simple Green and a good ol' mop!

Olympic Barbells

An Olympic barbell is one of the essential pieces of a home gym
kit and it's what you should look for next.

Olympic barbells aren't just for building mass, either. They can be used as part of your
circuit training and are key for cross-training exercises.

You can train your entire body using isolation movements and compound lifts with a good-quality Olympic barbell. This
includes exercises like deadlifts, squats and bench presses.

If you use the barbell correctly, you won't need much else in your home gym, but choosing the right Olympic barbell is important.


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3. Olympic Weight Plates

Olympic weight plates/ bumper plates) can be used with your Olympic barbell to provide resistance.

If you have a tight budget; you may have to choose between kettlebells or plates.

They're both useful, but you will be better off buying olympic weight plates as they offer more versatility and can be used in conjunction with your Olympic barbell.

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4. Squat
Racks/Power Racks

A good power or squat rack is essential for serious strength training.

Squat racks allow you to do all of the major lifts safely. They eliminate the dangers of falling weights and allow you
to handle more weight than you usually can.

A good power rack will usually have a pull-up bar attached too, so you can work pull-ups into your routine as long as you have the appropriate head height.

A squat or power rack is likely going to be the most expensive item in your home gym, so if you still need convincing here are a few key reasons to get one:

Versatile Strength Training

With a power rack, you can safely bench, squat, and do bodyweight exercises like pull-ups and dips. Power racks are
perfect for upper and lower body training, and having one will take your routine to the next level.

Core Development

Squat racks allow you to do pull-ups and weighted squats which, research has shown are more effective than planking so
a power rack can help you get a core of steel.

Safe Lifting

Power racks aren't just for experienced lifters and athletes; they're great for beginners too. They let you lift safely
without a spotter, and help you to get the right form.

Also See:
- Power Rack/Rig Accessories For Better Lifting


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5. Weight
Bench (Adjustable)

A good quality, adjustable bench opens up a wide range of exercises.  It lets you make the most from your Olympic barbell, plates, and power rack, and can help you build your strength quickly.

An adjustable weight bench can also help those recovering or rehabilitating after an injury by helping them target specific muscles.

If you use it correctly, a good weight bench (with a set of weights) removes the need for gym machines and lots of
other home gym equipment. You can perform compound lifts, and isolation exercises,
and they're useful for lifters of all levels.

Select The Right Type Of Weight Bench

There are two main types of weight benches. Both benches have their use, but the adjustable bench is the most versatile.

As the name suggests, it lets you move the weight bench into the right position.

This allows you to do decline and incline exercises to engage muscles as you need to.

6. Dumbbells

Revitalise your exercise routine with the versatile power of dumbbells. Merge strength training and cardio into a dynamic workout that sculpts lean muscle, torches fat, and amplifies functional strength. Say goodbye to bulky gym equipment - these compact and cost-effective game changers are all you need for a truly transformative fitness experience.

Many people ask whether you need dumbbells vs an Olympic barbell. You probably don't need both, though the barbell is better for heavy compound lifts.

However, dumbbells are often safer for beginners, though because they're easier to handle and they're better for isolating some smaller muscle groups.

Explore the diverse world of dumbbells and elevate your fitness game! Get ready to work out with:

1. Hex Dumbbells - Sleek, fixed individual weights offer a versatile resistance spectrum for all your training needs.

2. Premium Dumbbells - The crème de la crème of urethane dumbbells boasting solid steel heads and durable, shock-absorbent moulding for a robust workout experience.

3. NuoBell - Revolutionize your routine with this ingeniously adjustable dumbbell! Just twist to pick your perfect weight, replacing up to 32 standard dumbbells and keeping your workout area clutter-free. Say hello to effective, exhilarating, and efficient training sessions!

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7. Kettlebells


Kettlebells are a great asset in a home gym because of their

They can be used for strength and conditioning, cardio exercises, and burning calories
which is why top athletes and cross-fitters around the world are using them.

Kettlebells are so effective because of the way they require both strength and balance as well as a decent amount of core for stability.

In particular, kettlebells are incredibly efficient at improving your balance via stabiliser muscles.

They can be used for all the major lifts and compound movements, but also have their own unique movements - like the kettlebell swing - which gives you a full body workout.

Kettlebells don't just support isolation and compound movements; they help to build explosive power.

You don't need dumbbells and kettlebells in your home gym, however, kettlebells are better for increasing your grip
strength, and can be used to burn a lot of calories quickly.

There are two main types:  

1. The rugged 'Russian Style' Cast Iron Kettlebell and the sleek Competition/Pro Grade Kettlebell. For those dipping their toes into kettlebell training, the Russian Style offers an affordable and versatile option, perfect for mastering two-handed movements.

2. Competition/Pro Grade Kettlebell boasts standardized measurements and steel construction, providing consistent performance for experienced lifters and athletes focused on one-armed exercises. Whichever your preference, there's a kettlebell waiting to elevate your workout game.


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9. Air Bikes

Experience the excitement of air bikes, an innovative fitness marvel often seen in CrossFit circuits, designed to fuel your passion for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) while amplifying calorie burn. Indulge in a total body transformation with the dynamic synergy of elliptical-like handles for upper body strength and a superior pedalling system for your legs. Embrace this low-impact, versatile workout machine, suitable for all fitness levels, and kickstart your journey towards a fitter, stronger you.

Take advantage of the superiority of air bikes over conventional exercise machines, offering an effective fat-incinerating workout in just 10-15 minutes! Accelerate your calorie burn to over 300 with these cutting-edge cardio apparatuses, perfect for those with limited time but unlimited fitness goals.

10. Skipping Ropes

Scientific research has shown us that using a skipping rope
increases coordination improves agility, and offers a full-body workout.

Skipping ropes are cheap, effective, and take up very little space - but you should choose a speed rope , not just any skipping rope.

These are used to improve footwork and conditioning
and are often used by boxers and other athletes. They are thin and light so the rope moves more quickly. This forces you to work harder and burns a lot of calories.

Speed ropes

11. Medicine Ball/Wall Ball/Slam Balls

Slam Ball slams are the most common exercise that engages your whole body. They can help you sculpt a six-pack and are particularly useful if you're in a cutting phase.

Plus, you can pair them with your dumbbells, barbell, or kettlebells or even a couple of resistance bands for more effective strength training.

1. Slam Ball -
designed to be thrown at the ground. These are smaller with a heavy-duty rubber shell.

2. Wall Ball -
designed to be thrown at a wall. These are the largest medicine balls and used for a lot of cardio movements.

3. Armoured Wall Ball -  The toughest medicine ball built with the same fibre technology used in the base construction of ballistic (bulletproof) body armour. No medicine ball offers greater durability. This special woven cover features extreme tensile strength, ensuring this ball is durable enough to hold up to even the most rigorous movements and training environments.

Wall Balls
Medicine Balls

12. Rowing Machines

Using rowing machines are one of the best ways to burn calories and improve your cardiovascular endurance at home.

They work by engaging your legs, core, arms, and back in one movement. This forces your upper and lower body to work
together, increasing your heart rate and strengthening your whole body.

Not only can a rowing machine help you burn 300 calories in 30 minutes, it builds power and endurance.

Athletes often incorporate rowing into their training because it improves their cardiovascular capacity. This means that by using it regularly you can see a big increase in your overall fitness.

Rowing is also lower impact than using a treadmill and better suited for those who don't want to put strain on their joints or tendons.

Rowing machines


Plyo boxes are a simple and affordable way to increase your upper and lower body

They are used for movements like the Plyometric Box Jump, which builds stability, and they make up a key part of CrossFit
home gym routines.

Not only will Plyometric box jumps will give you a huge boost in explosive strength, it will also get your heart racing
- allowing you to burn up to 1000 calories in an hour.

They also help to prepare your body for intense strength exercises, and make a useful warm up exercise at the start of
your routine.

Plyo boxes are perfect for people of all levels looking to build functional strength. They won't take up a lot of space in your home gym.

Plyo boxes


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The Benefits Of Building A Home Gym


One of the biggest benefits of home gyms compared to a gym membership is the convenience. You are the boss; there are no opening or closing hours, and you're in control.

Everyone has been there before, looking at the rain or snow pouring outside. Trying to summon the motivation for the
drive to the gym in the cold and the wet.

With a home gym, you don't even have to
go outside!

Privacy During Workouts

For new users and experienced hands alike, gyms can create a bit of a toxic environment.

When there are a bunch of workout-bunnies, all grunting and lifting weights you couldn't even dream off, it can get a bit intimidating.

No one wants to look foolish, but learning new movements and exercises takes time, and being able to do so in the privacy of your own home is priceless.

You will also never have to wait for a machine again. Do you know that one guy who takes every set of dumbells for his
over-complicated bicep workout that lasts 2 hours?

You won't ever have to deal with him again.


Setting up a well-equipped home gym can be an expensive endeavour, but you will never have to pay monthly costs ever
again once you have finished.

While it may take a year or two for you to break even, once you have, you will never have to spend money on a gym membership ever again.

How To Build A Home Gym On A Budget?

Decide What You Want

When you first decide that you want to make a home gym, it's easy to get over-excited.

Unfortunately, buying your own home gym equipment is expensive, and filling your home with new shiny equipment is going to take a while.

Decide What You Need

Eventually, you might have all of this, but for the very beginning, focus on what you love and work out what equipment you will use the most.


Be Patient

A good home gym will take years to perfect. Don't worry if you can't afford that expensive power rack just now or the full range of dumbbells.

Your home gym will grow just like your body. You cant craft an incredible physique overnight.

Make sure you take your time with your decision and spend your money wisely, and you will
watch your home workout area grow from an empty space to a well-designed dome of

If you need more help building your dream get in contact and have a chat