Industrial  Athletic 15KG Nitro Barbell - CrossFit
Industrial  Athletic 15KG Nitro Barbell - CrossFit
Industrial  Athletic 15KG Nitro Barbell - CrossFit
Industrial  Athletic 15KG Nitro Barbell - CrossFit
Industrial  Athletic 15KG Nitro Barbell - CrossFit

15kg NITRO-ONE Barbell

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The NITRO One is an evolutionary barbell combining all of the best traits of its predecessors - quality raw materials and manufacturing processes, true specifications, 100% suitability for the environment and of course, precision engineering.  The NITRO ONE barbell takes its name from the multitude of training facilities and scenarios that it is used for, we have created "one bar to rule them all".  The concept was to take all of the best qualities of a training environment and meet them with a true all-around solution. 

  • Black hard chrome shaft for durability and excellent "bar feel".  Hard chrome is 1000 times thicker than standard decorative chrome and the rust resistance is at the high end, surpassed only by stainless steel or cerakote.
  • A peaked diamond knurl pattern provides an excellent gripping surface without the "sharpness" of other grips -  less likely to tear the hands or shins in high volume sets.
  • Black hard chrome sleeves containing oil-impregnated bronze bushings, for smooth spin and ultra longevity.
  • Virtually maintenance free...but what steel doesn't love a drop of oil once a year?

Hybrid bars cater for a variety of different uses and training environments.  A jack of all trades, but master of none?  Well, that's not 100% true.  Olympic bars should always be "fit for purpose".  In practical terms, the specs should be correct.  For a men's bar, 2200mm in length, a 28mm shaft and a weight of 20kg with tight tolerances, should be demanded. The black hard chrome and diamond knurl combination offers superior grip without the tearing of many sharp "pure" weightlifting bars. This is a great all-purpose, functional strength and Olympic and all-around lifting bar.

Specifications and Construction Features:

  • 15kg barbell:  25mm*2010mm
  • >200,000+psi spring steel
  • Shaft tolerance +0.5/-0mm
  • Oil Impregnated bronze bushings
  • Industrial hard chrome shaft electroplating
  • Industrial hard chrome sleeve electroplating
  • Omitted centre knurl for neck comfort
  • Dual IWF 910mm, and IPF 810mm, markings for correct hand placement
  • 30,000 drop tested to ensure safety and durability
  • Dual snap ring design
  • End caps marked with the bar weight
  • +/-10g tolerance


Maintenance of zinc requires occasional rubbing with 3-in-1 oil, or similar.

Barbell Warranty Specifics

This is an Olympic Lifting/functional/all-around barbell.  Maintenance is key for any piece of gym equipment, and importantly for barbells.  Regular maintenance will keep your equipment in prime condition and lasting a lifetime.  Regular oiling between the shaft and sleeve with 3 in 1 oil is essential for good rotation

Incorrect usage (misuse) of barbells includes but is not limited to:

  • Dropping unevenly onto a non-Olympic platform surface, spotting arms, power rack, box etc
  • Dropping the bar with no bumper plates (empty bar)
  • Dropping the bar with weight plates other than bumper plates
  • Dropping the bar in a way that part of the bar makes contact with any surface prior to the bumper plates
  • Storing the bar for a prolonged period of time loaded with weights

Key indicators for barbells that have been used for purposes that are unintended, and void warranty, include

  • A slight or gradual and consistent bend in the shaft. Incorrect storage such as leaving the barbell loaded with weight for a prolonged period of time will cause this style of damage thus rendering misuse rather than a manufacturing fault
  • A bend which is off centre is the result of trauma caused by uneven dropping of the bar.  Generally accompanied by a localised surface deviation or colour change on the shaft


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Our Customer Say


So the benefit that I had with going with Industrial Athletic is they've been involved with a lot of fit-outs from start to finish, the professionalism and the experience. There's no other choice, they're at the top of their game.

Chris Burke - Owner/Head Coach
CrossFit Metal Zone

To get the quality of gear that can handle a high amount of usage, especially when you've got a particular budget to start with, you need to know it's going to last you and it's going to be fit for the use you'll put it through. Make sure you've got something that you are proud of, you're happy with, and is going to last is really critical.

Simon Thomas - Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Canterbury Rugby

If you want gear thats going to do the job and do it well and it's going to last, than I'd definitely say 'spend the money on it', and I'd definitely recommend Industrial Athletic because it ticks all the boxes when it comes to gym equipment

Johnny Leo'o - Strength & Conditioning Coach
St Thomas of Canterbury College

I didn't really look around too much to be honest. I have a good idea of what's out there and have dealt with a few different vendors. So it was a bit of a no-brainer for me - it was a trust thing. I knew the products were good quality, and I knew the service I was going to get from Rob was good and I could trust him.

Jan Reyneke - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Saint Kentigern College