Who are We?


Industrial Athletic is New Zealand owned. We provide High Quality Strength and Functional Fitness Products and gym equipment. We are the Leaders and Specialists within our industry. From home gym fit-outs, to full commercial gym fit-outs, we have the experience to handle it all.


When you purchase our products you also buy a quality experience. You buy the knowledge that has gone into developing this product. You buy safety. Everything is extremely high spec, tested and proven. We stand out from the crowd by only supplying the highest-quality gym and home gym equipment available in NZ.

The Owners


Rob was actually born in Papua New Guinea and spent most of his teenage years in Bangkok. Something out of the ordinary like this becomes apparent when you sit down and chat with him, and you begin to realise how worldly he really is - in his business and his personal life. Rob IS the heart of IA. He founded the company after noticing there was a lack of high quality, functional strength and fitness equipment available to him while he was training as a competitor for the Firefighters Combat Challenge (FCC) at a world championship level. Rob’s focus is sourcing great people to produce amazing products, and educating clients on why quality will always be a better long term savings strategy. A man of many talents, he served as a senior firefighter for 15 years, represented Scotland in the Havana Club Cocktail Champs in London while in his 20s and most randomly: resuscitated a baby at a restaurant once! As well as being a champion Dad to Jasper and Marlo, Rob’s claim to fame is being a world finalist in the Firefighters Combat Challenge five times and holding a Guinness World Record for Greatest Distance Climbed on a Ladder in 24 hours (Team) - 109.59km, to put it in perspective, that’s 13 times the height of Mt Everest (what the actual heck…right?!). Here in the IA office we’d like to think his claim to fame is actually the number of 'zazzy' one liners he comes out with - yes Rob, elastic laces are totally cool! Three of his favourite things: Amber, Jasper and Marlo (obviously) - but aside from family, he loves his Ariat Cowboy Boots, his Bow (and arrows), and his charcoal BBQ burner "


Amber’s alias at IA is ‘Brand Guru’, but we could easily change this to ’Superwoman’ due to her extra curricular full time ‘activities' which include being an awesome wife to Rob and amazing mother to Jasper and Marlo. Amber has worked in the health and fitness industry for over a decade and has loads of accolades to her name - she was on the cover of Fitness Life magazine in 2012 and was runner up Personal Trainer of the Year for three years straight. She’s always had a competitive streak and used to try and be the first kid out the gate after school every day! Amber likens herself to Miss Piggy (obviously not in the looks department - Miss Piggy should be so lucky!) saying ‘she’s a bit bossy and very loud’. Three of her favourite things: family, chocolate and having everything organised





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