Strength/mobility bands are an extremely handy multi-use item to have in your gym or gym bag. Not only can you use them as a workout tool or for adding resistance to movements, but they’re excellent for mobility and stretching (and you should ALL be keeping mobile folks!). They’re easy to carry around for personal use so you don’t have to worry about whether a facility has the right band or more importantly, one of high quality.

The great thing about our Industrial Athletic dual colour strength bands is that they’re stronger and more durable than ever so you can trust the longevity of the band. We’ve also made them from a more natural latex rubber which will be sweet music to your ears if you’re a fella – think less ripped out leg hairs when doing pull up progressions – preach!

We’ll run through a couple of exercises you can perform with just a strength band/minimal equipment that you can combine with other equipment free movements like burpees, sprints, air squats – meaning you’ll have almost no excuse to throw yourself into a tough workout – even if you’re on the go.

Push ups are tough enough on their own, but by throwing a strength band into the mix you can level up this staple movement really easily.

Sling the band under your arms, across your back. Pop each end under your palm (not around your thumb). Do a push up!

In the concentric movement upwards you’ll notice the resistance. Let’s just say you got used to performing push ups with a band – how easy would normal push ups feel mid work out?!

Normally a movement like this would be performed with a barbell, but you can get replicate it to a similar movement pattern with strength bands – if you have a broomstick/dowel stick handy, even better. In fact, by using strength bands and a broomstick to perform a press, you will hit a lot of the tiny local muscles around your shoulders making them stronger and healthier. Because the band provides a constant tension in the upwards press movement it involves other local muscles that would otherwise not fire.

Stand with feet under shoulders, throw two bands on either end of the broomstick and bring them to just outside of your hands when in clean position. Loop the other end of the bands firmly under your feet. Hold the broomstick in front rack and press over head. Keep a good line whilst pressing (eg. No pushing outwards/around)

Who doesn’t love a peach-like butt these days. Seriously though, your glutes are the biggest muscle in your body and so incredibly key in preventing injuries in your lower back, hip flexors and knees. Having strong glutes prevents your pelvis from being unstable. If your pelvis is unstable it puts a lot of pressure on your knees and ankles to compensate as well as the movement in your hip joint. If your bum bum is strong it naturally helps with pelvic stability to avoid knee pain and ensure your lower back doesn’t have to take the load in your movements. This one is more of an accessory addition to your WOD, but 100% worth it.

You will need a heavy table or rig/post for this one. Wrap the strength band around the bottom of the rig/post. Link around the back of your ankle and move away from the rig until there is tension on the band. Stand with both feet next to each other approximately hip width apart and lean forward to place your hands on the rig. Keep your core in a strong and tight position, focus on squeezing your butt so it is rock solid. While keeping your core engaged, extend your leg out behind you. Your glutes should be doing the work here, though you will feel it in your hamstrings as well.

Do 10 reps on each leg for 3 rounds.

To check out our range of dual colour strength bands click the pics below.