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How to optimise your CrossFit training

With the Open coming to a close you may be considering the ways in which you can take your training to the next level, to be even more successful next year.

One of the key factors in CrossFit success is simply, time. Not all of us are able to free up enough time during the day to train as much as we’d like – most CrossFit athletes are full time employees, or run businesses, or have family commitments that dictate when they train and for how long. There are only a small number of lucky people who are able to incorporate a full time training schedule into their day to day life because it works around their Monday to Friday routine (box owners, head coaches, students).

Think about this for a moment: Monday to Friday gives us 120 hours to work with. Let’s say you work an 8.5 hour day, sleep for 8 hours a night with around 2 hours each side of bed, to wake up/wind down/get ready for the day/get ready to sleep/eat breakfast/eat dinner and travel to and from work (likely more time for the travel if you’re in Auckland) . That leaves you with 17.5 hours a week to distribute across everything else in your life that means something: family, friends, training.

Now, let’s also agree that a large percentage of top level CrossFit athletes are training twice a day – morning and evening – and by training we mean warming up, rehabbing, accessory work, working out, warming down, mobility, active recovery. If we divide 17.5 by 5, you have 3.5 hours a day to travel to and from your gym, get two proper sessions in, as well as maintain friendships and spend time with family.

Is that realistic and is it sustainable? Is your gym open at the times you need it to be? Do they allow people to train their own programme? Do you have to work around class times?

One of the ways in which you can transform your training so it works around your day to day needs is by having some form of home gym set up. If you have even a small amount of space in a garage or shed, you can create a functional, quality home gym, and you’ll gain the ability to workout around your schedule, and hopefully free up more time.

Our team at Industrial Athletic are equipped to help you through the garage gym process. This is what we do every day and our experience in this industry is second to none. Talk to us now – it could be the difference between top 30 and ‘everyone else’ for you, next year: