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Kettlebells: The great all-rounder

Kettlebells are not only great for strength and conditioning, they’re also incredibly effective as a mobility tool being heavy but easy to manoeuvre.  Try these after a good roll out before your next squat session:

Kettlebell goblet squat
Hold the kettlebell between your palms with the handle facing the ground, at chest height.  Be sure to keep it close to your body and do not round your back or hitch your shoulders – this position should allow you to sit back and maintain a neutral spine.  If you feel yourself struggling to keep your chest upright try a lighter one.  Slowly perform a squat and sit in the bottom position for 30 seconds, rest, then repeat.

Ankle mobility
Kneel down sitting with your bum on one of your legs with the other one bent in front of you and gently place a kettlebell onto the knee of your bent leg


Sit on the floor and place a heavy kettlebell in front of you.  Outstretch your legs placing one on top of the handle of the bell  laterally, about half way up your calf muscle.  Gently cross your other leg over to apply pressure to the leg resting on the handle and roll left and right on your tendons and muscles.  Move further down towards your Achilles.  It should not feel comfortable!

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