Our Favourite NZ Garage Gyms - Industrial Athletic

Our Favourite NZ Garage Gyms

We love what we do here at Industrial Athletic – from large scale school or high performance sport fit outs, to your own special home gym space – allowing members of our community see their dreams come to life is an incredible feeling.

Have a look at some of our favourite home gym installations below. We’d love to talk to you about your space – get in touch with us here

Aaron and Joanne McIlwee
These guys have the ultimate indoor/outdoor flow with all the bells and whistles – a truly epic home gym space. Off to the left (not pictured) they have a rig set up with muscle up rings and a wall ball target.

The Block NZ, Andy and Nate’s garage gym
In Andy and Nate’s garage gym, making the most of space was key as they wanted it to still cater to other garage requirements like a laundry area and power tools. We created a foldaway rig/rack, allowing for all the gear to sit off to the side if needed, and our flooring is able to be driven on by vehicles making it a very multi-functional space.

Doug and Jen Kinsella
The space at Doug and Jen’s is long and fairly narrow, but they have made great use of it with a rig/rack down the middle (they’ve even got a timer installed), and his/hers lifting platforms. They’ve got the essentials sorted with barbells, plates, kettlebells, medicine balls, a plyo box, rings, dead balls and resistance bands.