Protips in 2 mins with Rob: Power bag - Industrial Athletic

Protips in 2 mins with Rob: Power bag

Our favourite person who’s named ‘Rob’ is back with your monthly sesh of ‘Protips in 2 mins’

This time we’ve got all the yarns on our Industrial Athletic power bags, and why they stand out from the rest – cause they defs do!

Power bags are a great training tool – they’re very diverse – you can use them for strength, speed, and definitely for fitness.  One of the biggest benefits is they’re quite soft and forgiving so if you do have any explosive or diverse movements – carrying a bag on your shoulder, running up a hill, doing some sprints, picking it up – they’re very comfortable to use.

One thing with Industrial Athletic sand bags is they are full of sand but they’re still balanced.  One of the major problems you will get with a sand bag is that they leak, so we’ve spent a lot of time developing a double enclosure.  We’ve got all of our sand in a nice, durable, hefty bag inside, a foam layer before you hit this outer PVC coating, which is incredibly durable as well and then a double enclosure with the velcro and a zip.

For any piece of functional fitness equipment you want it to be functional, so we’e added a lot of handles on here that have a lot of play on them – handles on the end, handles on the side, handles on the top – carry it like a suitcase, over the shoulder or perform clean and jerks.

The Industrial Athletic power bag is an incredibly versatile and incredibly durable piece of equipment – it’s great for all skill levels and comes in size from 5 to 20 kgs.