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Saint Kentigern College


Saint Kentigern College, Auckland

What made you choose Industrial Athletic for the fit out? 
I didn’t really look around too much to be honest.  I have a good idea of what’s out there and have dealt with a few different vendors.  So it was a bit of a no brainer for me – it was a trust thing.  I knew the products were good quality and I knew that the service I was going to get from Rob was going to be good and I could trust him.

What was the design process like?
There was a lot of discussion around functionality and how we were going to use the space.  We have big large groups who come in, so at any time we could have 60 kids in here with only two to three staff, so we needed to make sure that the gear and layout that we have was functional to be able to cater to those groups.  I wanted to create a big playground and ultimately I got exactly what I wanted.  The beauty of this space is that we can cater to all the different groups, so not just the organised groups, but kids that just want to come in and use the space that aren’t necessarily involved in any groups – we’ve seen a massive influx of those sorts of kids.  The amount of things you can do with the equipment that we have, really is only limited by your imagination.  It’s like a Christmas present – the first time you open that Christmas present you really want to play with it and that’s what it felt like for those kids.  It was like a brand new playground Christmas present and some kids are coming in three times a day just to try everything out.

Jan Reyneke
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Saint Kentigern College