Saint Peter’s School - Industrial Athletic

Saint Peter’s School


St Peter’s School, Cambridge

“When I walked into this space it didn’t take long for me to work out that it was the wrong kind of space with the wrong kind of equipment.  Ultimately we want our kids moving, and we want them to be able to move freely in a space that’s designed specifically for them.

I contacted Rob early, he was here within days, and he was able to provide me with a quote for what we wanted fairly quickly, including all the bits and pieces that we thought we needed.  It was a competitive quote and the equipment is excellent.

My favourite bit of IA equipment is the rigging behind me here and the platforms.  We get eight squat racks in a very tight space.  It’s been a remarkable change from what they did have here and the feedback I’ve had has been that the space is completely different to what it used to be.  The students like being in here, they look forward to being in here, it’s completely changed the way that we do strength and conditioning here at St Peters – so it’s been a great start to the year

To people looking to upgrade I’d say that Industrial Athletic is an outstanding group to work with, the gear is excellent, they are fantastic to deal with, I couldn’t recommend them any more highly.

They’ve been excellent from start to finish”

Sean Patterson
Strength and Conditioning Coach
St Peter’s School, Cambridge