School Gym Install

Saint Thomas’ College

St Thomas’ College, Canterbury

“The old gym was about an eighth of the size of this gym and the equipment was very old.  I saw the need for commercial equipment that was going to last.

The actual installation of the equipment was very efficient.  In a day and a half all the cages were up and bolted in, so to walk in and see the cages up ready to go and the bars up on the wall, kind of just brought that excitement and then  you saw that when the students walked in as well you know, just the fact that ‘oh the gym is ready’ cause they take pride in this area, they wanted to lift more and work harder.  To see that attitude switch, well it goes to show what good equipment does.

We’ll have guys in here doing squats at one end of the cages, other end you’ve got guys doing bench press, or shoulder press and bench press.  And the main thing that caught my eye was the safety straps – that’s the first time I’ve seen that to be honest.

I haven’t seen a drop off yet – usually especially the students at that age they kind of lose interest after a while, and I know for a fact that if the gear wasn’t that good, wasn’t as sturdy, wasn’t as easy to use, that attitude would easily change and that drop off would occur.

If you want gear thats going to do the job, do it well, and going to last, then I’d definitely say spend that money on it, and I’d definitely recommend the Industrial Athletic gear because it ticks all the boxes when it comes to gym equipment.  So if people are looking for that kind of stuff it’s perfect.”

Johnny Leo’o
Strength and Conditioning Coach
St Thomas College of Canterbury

“I had a clear cut idea of what I really wanted and Rob and the team were able to give me some other options that would possibly work.

Definitely my favourite piece of equipment is the rig – just so many options, pretty much ticks all the boxes for what we need.  From teaching individuals the basics and fundamentals right down to bringing in a team.

We’e got some talented athletes here, so being able to just really develop a lot more for when they go on into the future is just second to none really.

If someone’s looking to upgrade or even get a new fit out I’d definitely look at something like getting the rig on board.  Value for money – they’re really well priced and you just get a lot of bang for your buck.”

Lee Peru
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Pure Athletic Sports Performance (Came on board to help with the fit out as a consultant)