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Shredding While Sledding

Sleds are an amazing piece of equipment for shredding fat and getting jacked, improving conditioning, and building power and strength. It’s a lower body killer and can be used in many different ways to achieve a variety of fitness outcomes – an extremely versatile tool that should be a staple in all high performance and CrossFit facilities.

Unlike other exercises that may produce similar results, the sled is low impact in use meaning you’re less likely to suffer injuries.

Variety is the spice of life when it comes to the sled, and any of these can drastically improve different areas of your fitness:

  • High intensity interval sprints will improve anaerobic conditioning
  • Longer push lengths will improve aerobic conditioning and endurance
  • Adding max weight to the sled will provide strength gains
  • Adding 70% of your max weight to the sled and pushing as hard and fast as possible will help with explosive power and speed

Correct use of the sled can help with preventing injury in other sports as well, as it significantly increases stability throughout the core and lower body. So you just push it, right? Not exactly. Just like other movements in CrossFit or high performance sport training, there’s a ‘best way’ to move a sled.

Keeping your core locked and maintaining alignment is the key. Your upper body should remain stacked in a neutral position. Your feet should not walk one in front of the other when moving forward (eg. not like a model on a catwalk) – maintain a width the same as your running stance – and ensure you are driving through the ball of your foot. Ensure your core is braced throughout the duration of your push.

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