Recently we posted up a blog with a few ways you can use our Industrial Athletic resistance bands in WODs, but the other key use of these bands is one that is so crucial to your all round WOD performance: mobility.

Most people will agree, mobility is THE SINGLE most important element of CrossFit or high performance sport training regimes. Without an excellent base of mobility, even the ‘easiest’ movements will be hindered, especially at high intensity and high volume.

Considering a huge number of people have jobs which require them to be sat at a desk for 80% of their day, mobility should be top of the priority list as part of training, as everything tightens sitting in one position all day – let’s be honest, most of us probably aren’t sitting perfectly at our desks either making the tightness even worse. And when things are tight, they greatly limit your performance and overall positioning. Cue: injuries.

Strength bands/mobility bands/resistance bands (whatever you like to call them) are a superb item to perform a number of mobility exercises. Here are seven of our favourites to hit a few of the big ticket sticky bits! Pick three or so, and perform ten reps of each for three rounds.

  1. Strength Band Pull-Apart (upper back/shoulders)
    Super easy – stand with your arms outstretched hands slightly wider than shoulders (you’ll find what’s most comfortable depending on how stretchy the band is). Pull the band apart, keeping your shoulders back and down and a neutral spine, til your arms are outstretched at either side of your body.
    Recommended band: Industrial Athletic 15mm Orange/Black band

  2. Strength Band Shoulder Dislocation
    Grip either end of the band, and while keeping your shoulders back and down move the band upwards til it is above your head. You must maintain your position throughout.
    Recommended band: Industrial Athletic 20mm Purple/Black band or Industrial Athletic 15mm Orange/Black band

  3. Strength Band Tricep/Shoulder Stretch
    Sling the band around an upright rig or post, hold the end of the band with your palm and face your body away from the post, bring your arm up with armpit up around your ear and elbow bent, lean forward slightly to increase the intensity of the stretch.
    Recommended band: Industrial Athletic 45mm Grey/Black band

  4. Strength Band Hip Flexor/Glute Stretch
    With the band wrapped around an upright rig or post, put the band up around the top of your thigh, bend your leg inwards 90 degrees with your foot closest to the opposite hip bone, and sit into this position (pigeon pose). Ideally you want to be sitting with the rig at the side of you (not behind you like in my video, imagine if my body was turn to face the camera instead) so you can can hit the outer hip (I just wasn’t able to record from the right angle!)
    Recommended band: Industrial Athletic 30mm Red/Black band

  5. Strength Band Glute Bridge
    Great for engaging your glutes (such a key muscle to prevent knee, hip and back injuries!). Double up the band and place it around your thigh above you knees, lie on your back with your knees bent, extend your hips upwards and squeeze your glutes. Hold for a couple of seconds with your glutes and abs engaged and then lower back down and repeat. Keep driving your knees out against the band the entire time.
    Recommended band: Industrial Athletic 65mm Yellow/Black band

  6. Strength Band ‘Sumo Walk’ (Glute Activation)
    This is a side stepping motion with the band wrapped around your thighs/above knees, like in the glute bridge. You should keep tension on the band the whole time, producing an isometric contraction keeping the muscles activated.
    Recommended band: Industrial Athletic 65mm Yellow/Black band

  7. Strength Band Squat
    Again, have the band in the same position as above. Perform a squat while keeping the tension on the band/outside of your knees to keep them tracking over your toes.
    Recommended band: Industrial Athletic 45mm Grey/Black band