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The CrossFit Open ‘Six’

The CrossFit Open sees a variety of movements play out over 5 weeks.  Of course we don’t like to assume anything as we’re very aware Dave Castro likes to keep everyone guessing, but since the Open’s inception in 2011 there are 6 common CrossFit movements that have featured every year.

We spoke to one of our top coaches and got their advice on the top things to keep in mind when performing these movements, in order to work as efficiently as possible throughout each WOD.


  • Keep your jump pace the same – what I mean by this is move your rope around your jump rather than trying to jump to the speed of your rope
  • Find a focal point and keep your eyes on it.  It helps to get in the zone and not overthink your feet or wrists
  • Keep your elbows in tight as much as possible – it will fatigue your arms a lot less


A difficult one because most people forego good movement patterns in order to move faster.  Ideally you should be maintaining your technique throughout!

  • Keep your back in tight off the floor
  • Finish tall and extend your pull
  • Have a tight catch in the power or squat position.  This will save your shoulders from fatigue


  • BREATHE.  Seriously though
  • Keep your ribcage up in the squat position.  This will help stop your elbows from touching your knees and maintains a good back position
  • Push the bar in a straight line (not out/around you).  This conserves energy and makes the movement most efficient


  • Distance from the wall is often ignored but is a key part to good wall ball technique.  If you’re too far away from the wall you will end up working harder and having to throw the ball harder.  If you’re too close you will be off balance and no doubt your neck will suffer from looking skywards
  • Get the ball to ‘bounce’ off the wall.  If you are throwing it and it’s just ‘kissing’ the wall and dropping straight down, you have to lean forward to grab it and the sensation of it dumping on you creates fatigue.  Pop it up so it rebounds/bounces off the wall and straight back to you
  • Keep your hands in front of your face, don’t let them drop too far down to your chest.  Digging the ball out from chest height makes the movement a lot harder


This is a difficult one to give advice on because people are very varied in how they perform these, it’s not a one size fits all approach and advice would change depending on the athlete in question.  It comes down to where their strength lies – in the kip or in their arms.

  • Basically just try to keep the movement fluid – if you’re doing normal kipping try and push away from the bar at the top, not drop straight down
  • Look after your hands!  You don’t want them ripping mid WOD and ruining your day, and/or the next Open WOD


  • Remember to start with your feet behind the bar line – you don’t want to suffer a bunch of no reps for such a silly mistake
  • Try to get yourself up and behind the bar at the point where your toes meet the bar, as in, you don’t want to be too far under the bar having to fold in half
  • Again, look after those hands

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