The Humble Garage Gym - Industrial Athletic

The Humble Garage Gym

The garage gym tradition is revered and respected. The number of athletes training in garages, barns and abandoned buildings is legion.

You can build, rather inexpensively, a world-class strength-and-conditioning facility in your garage! We know you have a lot to consider when setting up your garage gym – equipment, layout, construction and cost.

We have compiled an easy to follow checklist, and broken it down into 4 easy sections to help you plan how to build your facility and get the gear you want, in the order you need them. You’ll find some great tips on using our online wishlist to manage your budget and some finance options too.


Here’s what Andy had to say about the garage gym we installed for them on The Block NZ:

“I’d used Industrial Athletic before for a couple of things and always found them reliable and trustworthy and able to come up with great ideas for home fitness set ups. We were able to have a consultation with Industrial Athletic to fully go over our needs and were lucky enough to have Cole pop in to set it up for us, though it’d be easy enough to set up yourself as a DIY project.

We obviously wanted to cater to the general population with a fully functional set up that fitted easily into the space without encroaching on the rest of the garage. I dabble in a bit of CrossFit with having to be fit being a fireman and functional fitness is paramount for staying fit and healthy.

The Industrial Athletic products speak for themselves in terms of quality – obviously we won, and believe the gym played a large role in that! My favourite piece of equipment has to be the rubber flooring being that it’s so robust. It allows you to to anything really including dropping weights, yoga, even driving over it. Aside from that having a fully retractable rig is an awesome feature! It really was everything and more that we could have hoped for.”

Andy Murdie (The Block NZ)