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Crossover Symmetry 30 Day Shoulder Fix

Crossover Symmetry is second to none in the realm of building bulletproof shoulders. If you suffer from shoulder pain, Crossover Symmetry’s 30 Day Shoulder Fix programme will progressively help to correct poor movement patterns and fix shoulder mechanics.

As stated on the Crossover Symmetry website “Each week will conclude with a challenging workout that includes a provocative test for the shoulder progression included in the following week. If you have any shoulder pain with the week’s final workout, it is a sign that you shouldn’t move to the following week. Just reset and do that week again.”

Imagine if you finished with pain free shoulders, and increased strength and mobility. What would that do for the rest of your training? There’s really no reason not to try it.

The Crossover Symmetry Activation/Activation+/Recovery, and Crossover Symmetry Strength/Mobility (Iron Scap) cards can be found online (or are available if you get the Box Rack Pack). Run through each exercise on the card, when it is mentioned on the programme.

To correctly follow the cards, you will need a pair of H/Heavy cords, and a pair of L/Light cords. Use the table below to select the right cords for your ability – images link to the cords on our website.

Crossover Symmetry Cords:

Athlete Ability Heavy Cords Light Cords

Crossover Symmetry 30 Day Shoulder Fix Programme: